Reception and registration, joint with ECMS 2015


Wednesday 27
 09.00 Opening session and keynote speech, joint with ECMS 2015
 10.00 Coffe break
Room E
 10.30 Session 1: Queuing Networks – Chair: Gabor Horvath

Alessio Angius, András Horváth, Sami M. Halawani, Omar Barukab, Ab Rahman Ahmad, and Gianfranco Balbo
Use of Flow Equivalent Servers in the Transient Analysis of Product Form Queuing Networks

Jean-Michel Fourneau and Katinka Wolter
Mixed Networks with multiple classes of customers and restart

Tuan Phung-Duc
Multiserver Queues with Finite Capacity and Setup Time

 12.00 Lunch
 13.30 Session 2: Interacting Systems – Chair: Tuan Phung Duc

Ioannis Dimitriou
Performance modeling of cellular systems with finite processor sharing queues in random environment, guard policy and flex retrial users

Tianhui Meng, Qiushi Wang and Katinka Wolter
Model-based Quantitative Security Analysis of Mobile Offloading Systems under Timing Attacks

Kristóf Attila Horváth and Miklos Telek
Task delegation in a peer-to-peer volunteer computing platform

 15.00 Coffe break
 15.30 Session 3: Energy Performance – Chair: Sabine Wittevrongel

Erol Gelenbe and Andrea Marin
Interconnected Wireless Sensors with Energy Harvesting

Pietro Piazzolla, Gianfranco Ciardo and Andrew Miner
Power consumption analysis of replicated virtual applications

Amar Aissani and Tuan Phung-Duc
Optimal Analysis for M/G/1 Retrial Queue with Two-Way Communication


ThursDAY 28
 09.00 Keynote speech, joint with ECMS 2015
 10.00 Coffe break
Room E
 10.30 Session 4: Queuing Systems – Chair: Jean-Michel Fourneau

Oleg Lukashenko and Evsey Morozov
On convergence rate to stationarity of queues with general Gaussian input

Tuan Phung-Duc
Single-Server Systems with Power-Saving Modes

Jasper Vanlerberghe, Joris Walraevens, Tom Maertens and Herwig Bruneel
On the Influence of High-Priority Customers on a Generalized Processor Sharing Queue

 12.00 Lunch
 13.30 Session 5: Markovian Processes – Chair: Andrea Marin

Gábor Horváth
Measuring the distance between MAPs and some applications

Souymodip Chakraborty and Joost-Pieter Katoen
Model Checking of Open Interval Markov Chains

Ekaterina Evdokimova, Koen De Turck, Sabine Wittevrongel and Dieter Fiems
Efficient Performance Evaluation of Wireless Networks with Varying Channel Conditions

 15.00 Coffe break
 15.30 Joint program with ECMS 2015


friDAY 29
 09.00 Keynote speech, joint with ECMS 2015
 10.00 Coffe break
 10.30 Joint program with ECMS 2015
 12.00 Closing session, joint with ECMS 2015
 12.30 Lunch


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